PrecisionTrak strives to list every television station in the United States that accepts commercial advertising, as well as those that do not accept general spot television advertising. Some stations have commercial television licenses but operate as educational or public television stations; some are explicitly religious in format and do not accept secular advertising; some are music channels or home shopping channels and do not accept spot television advertising. The data available for each television station includes the essential profile and contact information, including key personnel email addresses and direct dial telephone numbers.

On June 12, 2009, the television industry completed its move to digital television for full power stations. Low power television stations are now in the process of moving to digital signal. When the move to digital TV started, most stations were granted a second channel to build out their new facilities. Some television stations remained on the second channel, while others moved back to their original. Digital tuners scan for channels and can display television stations on their `Virtual` channels which is the original channel number that viewers would expect to find it on, although legally they are licensed to a different channel. We show station channel numbers throughout the system on their virtual channel, and (when different) will also list their `Legal` channel. The advent of digital television has also allowed stations to multi-cast multiple networks.

Where television stations are multicasting, their channel designations will be shown as #.1, #.2, #.3, etc. For example, if they broadcast on channel 9 and they are multicasting 3 networks, we will show the television networks as 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3. Along with full power television stations, we also list low power stations.

PrecisionTrak only lists satellite television stations when they maintain a local sales, traffic, or programming office separate from the parent television station. The satellite will be listed with the parent (after the traffic address) and will indicate which address differs from the parent.ions.

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